Moonstone Redwood Gallery on the central coast of California
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600 years in the making

Eleven feet in diameter coastal redwood tree. This tree has supplied me with the materials I have needed for the past eleven years

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Throne of Redwood

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600 year old Redwood bones

Redwood and Cooper desk

This is an example of one custom order of a Redwood and natural patinated copper desk. Measures 108” x 28” deep x 30” tall.

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Redwood burl Heart.

I try and only use the most figured redwood that can be acquired for all of my creations.

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Redwood stump

The redwood was cut down in 1906. The entire mountain this stump was on was clear cut to help in the building of San Francisco after the earthquake destroyed the town. This stump is eight feet tall and eight feet across. I have access to four thousand acres of these magnificent stumps.
The redwood is as beautiful under the crust of age as it was the day it was cut down over one hundred years ago.

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LED Mycology

Redwood Mushroom and copper LED floor lamp in the gallery 26” tall and 40” in diameter Using an old hollow root as the stem and covering a redwood mushroom cap with scraps of copper and over 1100 one inch copper nails. Three LED disks mortised into the bottom of the mushroom cap.

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Recycled Redwood & Copper bench

A 600 year old coastal redwood branch becomes a bench that is Wow!
14 feet long and weighs in at a cool 1200 pounds. Now living in Langly, British Colombia

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Redwood and copper sales counter

Seed and Soul Cafe’s new coffee bar and sales counter. Made from old growth redwood and reused copper.

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Never judge what we see.

Decades after a forest fire hidden beneath two inches of charcoal and this is what I found!

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Redwood & Copper hearts

There are always hearts on the walls in the gallery.

Unique in every way
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Do you have a large foyer?

Should have this redwood branch ready to display as a finished sculpture by 2017. It is 13' tall and four feet wide by 12" deep with a base foot print of 84" by 42"

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The Orville Scroggins Tree

A six hundred year old Sequoia semperviren. The tree blew over in a storm on top of a mountain at the entrance to an estate. I was able to procure the tree for (coastal redwood).

Tables of Redwood

Many size slabs on hand to create your heirloom table for the kids to fight over.

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